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Water and Your Masonry Chimney

Water soaking into a chimney combined with the repetitive freeze/thaw weather cycles in our area damages many masonry chimneys.

Preventing Water in Your Chimney

There are five areas where water can enter a masonry chimney vent and cause chimney water damage.

  1. Damaged missing or inadequate flashing around the chimney at the roofline.
  2. Damaged or missing mortar joints between the brick, concrete block or stone.
  3. Porous masonry materials such as concrete block, pumice, sandstone, or interior brick which is not designed for exterior use.
  4. Damaged, missing or inadequate concrete crown covering the top of the masonry chimney.
  5. Through the masonry flue openings and down the inside of the chimney due to wind-blown rain or inadequate or missing chimney rain cover, or exterior chimney covering.

Black Goose can inspect and prevent exterior water damage in your chimney. If needed, we can repair your chimney that has been damaged by water penetration. If you have water in your chimney and need to schedule chimney service, please call us at 218-721-3192 or visit us at blackgoosechimney.com for more information.

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