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Chimney Products & Accessories

What causes most chimney damage?

Exterior water from rain, snow, and ice combining with freeze/thaw conditions causes most chimney damage to an unprotected chimney. One way to help prevent damage from exterior water is to cover your chimney. Our chimney covers are made of stainless steel or copper and come with a lifetime warranty against rusting out. Our chimney covers also have an animal guard screen to keep out birds, squirrels, and raccoons. (Chimney covers will not keep bats or insects out of your chimney. For that, you’ll need a top damper.)

Fireplace Top Dampers*

A fireplace top damper is a specialized chimney cover that replaces an old fireplace damper. You open and close the top damper by pulling down on a chain from inside your fireplace. When closed, it seals tight against heat loss, rain entry, and all animal entry.

*Note: The fire must be out before you close either the top damper or the combination chimney cover/top damper.

Combination Chimney Cover/Damper*

This is the best of both worlds. This will prevent heat loss and also help keep most animals out, even when the damper is still open. It gives you the best protection available.

When closed, this will prevent all animals, including bats and insects from entering the chimney.