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Commercial Air Duct Cleaning

Do your ducts need to be cleaned?

The duct systems in commercial buildings usually need to be cleaned more often than duct systems in homes. Dirt, dust, soot, dust mites, mold and mildew accumulate more quickly inside these ducts.


  • Higher traffic in and out of the building
  • Larger, more powerful HVAC systems
  • Increased number of people exposed to duct contaminants
  • Industrial setting/more polluted air
  • Year-round use of ducts for AC, heat, fresh air and exhaust systems

Is your building making you sick?
Sick building syndrome is a sign of our times. Our buildings are increasingly tighter and more energy efficient. Indoor air is at least 10 times as polluted as outside air. Many duct contaminants are unhealthy and may cause or aggravate respiratory illnesses such as colds, asthma and allergies. The first outbreak of Legionnaires’ disease was caused by a contaminated air conditioning system.

What makes Black Goose the best choice for cleaning your ducts?

  • We are experts in cleaning large, difficult-to-access air duct vent systems.
  • We have the necessary equipment, experience, and trained personnel.
  • We practice “source removal.” This is the procedure most highly recommended by the National Air Duct Cleaner’s Association. We remove the contaminants and don’t “seal them in.”
  • Our state-of-the-art equipment includes our high-powered truck and portable vacuum systems and specialized compressed air tools allow us to clean most duct systems.
  • We are fully insured.
  • We can provide you with commercial client references.

Your duct cleaning benefits:

  • Cleaner, healthier air to breathe.
  • Reduced allergy/asthma suffering.
  • Increased air flow.
  • Less dusting/reduced building maintenance.
  • Save money on HVAC equipment maintenance.
  • Reduced energy consumption.

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